The future of group fitness… we don’t guess, we test!

Become an Instructor!


Become a FitLab instructor and receive free certification! 

FitLab is awarding over $100,000 in scholarships for certification and over $10,000 in genetic testing to 20 Dallas group fitness professionals!

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Each location offers trainers:

  • Free Fitlab Certifications!
  • Free Genetic analysis!
  • $50 per class minimum
  • 2 full-time positions at $40k + profit sharing
  • 1 full-time position at $60k + profit sharing
  • Opportunity to be part of the hottest new fitness concept!

Be one of the first FitLab instructors and get in on the ground floor of reshaping fitness and health! 

FitLab is looking for the best instructors for its flagship location in Dallas! During this once-in-company-history event, group fitness professionals will receive access to all FitLab certifications for free! The chosen applicants will also receive free genetic analysis.

If you have at least 100 group fitness teaching hours and are interested in this unique opportunity, please submit your full resume along with brief answers to the three simple questions below. 

What is your greatest challenge in leading a group fitness class?

In what area would you most like to improve your abilities to lead a class?

Why are you interested in working with FitLab?

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