FitLab embraces fact over fiction and efficiency over effort. FitLab is a friendly place where making smart, efficient decisions is cool and fun! Life is full of challenges to be embraced or resisted. Resistance does not eliminate the challenges so the FitLab philosophy is to embrace every challenge and be ready to do so by training both your body and mind. And we want you to have fun while doing it!

Why FitLab? We believe fit is far beyond just not being fat. Fit is optimal body composition for life as a starting point, but also includes being prepared for all aspects of life, both physically and mentally. The FitLab mentality is that we don’t exercise, we train. We train for life. All aspects of it. We train to be able to create and maintain the energy and strength needed to achieve the life we desire. 

The Journey to FitLab

Kurt Johnsen created his first company at the age of twelve and has been committed to innovative entrepreneurship ever since, driven by the simple goal of creating healthy, happy humans.

Twenty years ago, Kurt founded American Power Yoga and hosted the TV show Yoga for Life. After teaching over ten thousand classes and training hundreds of instructors, Kurt witnessed some students get in optimal shape, some get into decent shape but many, sadly, after hundreds of classes and gallons of sweat, experienced no change in body composition! Kurt’s desire to understand these differences in results inspired him to launch Simplified Genetics to use genetic analysis to uncover why different types of classes and diets work well for some and not at all for others.

During his years with Simplified Genetics, Kurt knew his clients would get amazing results from the testing, but realized there was not a support system in place to help achieve those results.  The fitness world continued to stick to its one-size-fits-all approach which does not and cannot help everyone.  He decided to combine his experience and passion in both group fitness and genetic testing to launch the world’s first genetics-based group fitness facility, FitLab.

While at Simplified Genetics, Kurt met a fellow disruptor and his future FitLab partner, Garrett Blood.

Garrett Blood was also a young entrepreneur starting his first company at the age of 13 and he has had a passion for business ever since. While growing up, he was often found sitting on the floor of various nutrition shops reading manuals on nutrition and supplements. His passion for nutrition propelled him to create Arctic Zero, the world’s first protein-based frozen dessert. At only 150 calories per pint, the whey protein-based, clean ingredient dessert was disruptive in an industry that didn’t have a healthy frozen dessert option. Garrett successfully placed Arctic Zero in over 6,000 stores in just a few years, selling more than 1 million pints per month.

Based on his 20 years of health and nutrition expertise, Garrett was later recruited to help build a new health-centric, disruptive startup. The pursuit to find state-of-the art products for this new venture is how Garrett met Kurt.

Kurt has over 25 years of training in martial arts and yoga and is a master (5th Degree Black Belt) of the Lightening Fire Mountain System of Tibetan Kung Fu. Aside from his pursuits in business, yoga and martial arts, Kurt is a father and an explorer. Whether he’s diving with sharks in the Blue Hole, hiking Machu Picchu, surfing Costa Rica or snowboarding the closest snow-covered cap, he is constantly surveying and studying life and reality on this amazing planet. 

Garrett has over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry and has been instrumental in developing a number of successful startups. He is a California native, summa cum laude Chapman University alumnus, bilingual and fond of bodyboarding, wake surfing, skiing and traveling. Garrett resides in Lehi, Utah with his wife Jacqueline and their five children.

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